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Residential Property Management

Our focus is on maximizing our owners' returns on investment by selecting better tenants, reducing vacancies, and minimizing operating expenses. Our Regina team of licensed residential property managers conduct regular inspections and monitors each tenancy according to strict regulations of the Saskatchewan Residential Tenancy Act.


PRI Management's success over the past 30 years has built on providing excellent professional services to our owners and maximizing the profitability of their investments.

Commercial Property Management

PRI Management has a vast amount of experience in commercial property management. Our commercial leasing and management fees are often covered by a higher net income than if the owner were to manage the property himself. We earn our keep because we know what to do and how to do it. Our constant supervision, monitoring and expeditious response to each tenant's legitimate requests results in happier tenants..

Tenant Selction 

We will process tenant applications to ensure everything is in good standing.  


We offer a number of different online services including classified sales management, social media, and web design.

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Construction & Maintenance

We have a team that is readily available to keep your property modern and solid. In addition, when repairs need to get done, our team is responsive and will attend to the matter right away.


We have a permanent office with management and accountants that are dedicated to providing you with financial security. The staff makes it easy for you to make payments as well as provide you quality service and timely information.




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